EZ Supply Management Services from EZSource Solutions

The EZ Platform is EZSource’s technology solution, which enables us to provide simple, EZ supply management services for our clients.  Our singular platform technology suite consists of e-Catalog, sourcing, VMI, vending and materials management.

EZ Platform System Process


EZ Data:

At the foundation of our EZSolutions lays EZ Data – a supply management solution for cleansing and analyzing our clients’ catalog data to provide more efficient analysis, management, and reporting.  Our E-Catalog development provides enhanced purchasing grade description, UOM, critical/non-critical, manufacturer, and manufacturer part number.

EZ Inventory:

EZ Inventory allows us to analyze the item movement history periodically to determine the appropriate inventory optimization for our clients.  This includes classifying items as critical, point-of-use (POU) stock, main crib stock, supplier stock, surplus disposal, or some other required classification.  We also establish 5-S standards with a lean management philosophy.

Process Improvement

EZ Procurement:

EZSource simplifies procurement with a ‘Request, Approve, and Pay’ process. During requisitioning, our clients use our proprietary technology platform to access on-site inventory or create a spot-buy request through the customized e-Catalog. Once items are added to their shopping cart (req), they will electronically route for approval to the appropriate client contact.

Our client’s purchasing services are provided by the on-site EZSource team with support from the EZSource centralized Customer Service team at EZSource Headquarters.  EZSource sources all indirect materials including stock and non-stock parts.  Our advanced EZ Platform allows our sourcing team market access to millions of products within seconds of a request.  Spend budgets by cost center or department may also be loaded, and our EZ Platform will manage and report actual spend versus budget to manage consumption reduction and peak demands.

EZ Operations:

EZ Operations ensures objective management and operational efficiencies by delivering our clients a thorough, accurate library of Standard Operating Procedures written specifically for the client’s EZSource program.  The SOP’s address processes written for data management, crib operations, purchasing, inventory, point-of-use, safety, cost-savings, and performance measurements.

EZ Performance:

EZ Performance ensures impactful, measurable efficacy of our on-site programs through the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which encompass metrics and targets mutually agreed upon between the client and EZSource of which clearly define a program of “success.” The EZSource team is managed to meet or exceed each KPI.

EZ Finance:

With EZ Finance, EZSource is designated as an agent for indirect materials purchasing for our clients.  In doing so, the client sends a PO to EZSource who then submits an EZSource PO to the appropriate supplier.  This allows a substantial reduction in time and cost for our client’s A/P department.  EZSource carries the A/R and pays each supplier per their terms and conditions.  The client receives a consolidated invoice from EZSource, thus substantially reducing the number of invoices per year.

After EZ Platform
After EZ Platform
Before EZ Platform
Before EZ Platform